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The United States launched a terrorist campaign against the biggest threat to its existence: The Catholic Church.

Are they mercenaries, intelligence agents, or Vatican spies? Jesuit assassins, or government hitmen? Agent-provocateurs, or revolutionaries fomenting the biggest threat to the U.S. since the Cold War? They are AGENTS OF CHANGE, unlikely revolutionaries, the leading force for a dramatic World changeover. Agents of Change infiltrate the battlefields, and establishments of public and religious life, because with its murderous military-industrial complexes, rogue banksters, backward religious institutions, and corrupt political systems, the world is in need of a radical transformation.

Will Agents of Change right what is wrong?...

ISBN: 9780986787164 eISBN: 978098678715

Category: Espionage, Spying, Thriller, Jesuits, Vatican, Hitmen, International, Conspiracy, Pentagon, SOA, Liberation Theology, Pope Francis,


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