Jack King A New King of Thrillers


"If you like spy thrillers with shady characters, twisting plots that involve international conspiracies, and fascinating foreign locales, then you must read Jack King's The Fifth Internationale." The Beach Metro News

"A New King of Thrillers on the Horizon" Sisters in Crime.

"King's debut novel is powerful, riveting and an incredible ride through the back passageways of international politics. Strong characters, believable (if incredible) plot lines and nonstop action almost make each page turn without the reader's help. King has entered the spy genre arena with some hefty ammunition of his own." Anne Barringer, Reviewer. TheBestReviews.com and the Old Book Barn Gazette

"King, a former courier of top-secret information, delivers a tightly wound debut thriller ... [with] intelligent dialogue, relentless pacing and well-rounded characters (including a hauntingly familiar American president)." Publisher's Weekly

"well versed in the international intelligence community and have done a lot of research for this project. I found ... ability to portray the interaction between various organizations admirable and was impressed by the level of technical detail..." Matt Bialer, SJGA, Inc.

"I found a lot to recommend it... a very assured and measured writing style... immediately draw the reader into the story." Amy Moore-Benson, AMB Literary Management

"compelling and provocative... suspenseful and complex..." Victora Sanders, LLC.




"I have read the fifth internationale twice in the past year and what I found extremely interesting about this novel were the true events the author had tied together by weaving a fictional story around them.
To name just a few, and starting with the most obvious: the portrayal of (THE) Zbigniew Brzezinski, the former National Security Adviser. There is also the still ongoing investigation to the mysterious murder of the chief of police, general Papala. Indeed the killing of the general in king's novel could not be mistaken for fiction, down to details I best not mention here.
The true events make me wonder where authors draw the line between fact and fiction in finding inspiration.
Far as the story goes, I found it fresh and exciting. It draws on the peculiar situation in that part of the world: Poland as the bridge between Western Europe and Russia is a hotbed of activities of Russian organized groups, and world's intelligence agencies who wheel and deal here for their own benefit. The race is on for a piece of information that will not only secure control over this region but also the world. Stan Penskie, the FBI agent stationed at the embassy in Warsaw gets a scent of the secret when his friend is killed while fleeing the Polish Secret Service. Stan follows the clues and soon is drawn to conspiracy that might topple US government and cost the lives of his family members. His friends turn into enemies and Stan himself becomes a primary target for assassins. To his help comes a beautiful and mysterious woman. Together they arrive at a dark and forbidding place where a meeting of shadowy characters is taking place. From then on it's a race against time to save the world."

"Twists and surprises galore! This novel delivers a twisty and surprising plot. It may even be confusing, one must pay attention not to loose oneself in the twists. Author managed to write in a way that is not predictable and as the main character Stan Penskie I too were surprised by the extent of the conspiracy. Though unlike Stan (I suspect) I enjoyed the ride through the world of spies and lies!"

"Bloody good!"

"Complex conspiracy theory."

"Excellent plotting, pace, twisted intrigue, Good Thriller. The Fifth Internationale has what I like about a good thriller: twists that surprise the reader. The Fifth Internationale has them plenty and they just keep coming, keeping a reader on the edge of the couch. Very intelligent suspense, with really good dialogue and interesting world of spies, dirty politics, corruption and murders for the sake of protecting one's secrets."

"Finally, the void created by the death of Robert Ludlum has been (succesfully) filled!"

"Realllly good!"

"Very intelligent suspense, with really good dialogue and interesting world of spies, dirty politics, corruption and murders for the sake of protecting one's secrets. Jack King delivered a fab debut novel. "

"The Fifth Internationale is a fascinating roller coaster ride through deception and conspiracy in the very institutions and pinnacles of power that are the foundations of our, so called "free" or "democratic" world. Excellent pace, and hard to put down thriller! Read it in two days! The twists will keep you guessing till the last paragraphs. Loved the setting, a true eye opener on the mysterious and often scary world of post-cold-war Eastern Europe, where corruption and organized crime run out of control."

"Great modern espionage with current affairs at the centre! Reading the fifth internationale was a very visual experience. It would make a great movie, sort of like Mission Impossible - it's got enough surprises to make you want to "re-watch" it to fully appreciate them! The author created a very realistic world, fast paced and excitingly fresh."

"Captivating storytelling and nail-biting intrigue. I seldom pick up new authors but someone recommended jack king to me and I can't tell you enough how glad I am! Fifth Internationale is in every bit as good a thriller as could be expected from a bestselling seasoned writer. it's got everything one expects from a suspensful tale: murders, mystery, espionage, conspiracy, love interest and fast action. 8 bucks well spent!"

"very good spy / intrigue story with familiar events. I loved the current affairs mixed with fiction (at least I hope it's fiction). Far as I can tell pretty accurate and perhaps a bit risky description of our president and security services. it makes for so much more 'thrilling' reading experience."

"Must read for anyone fascinated by current events-meet-fiction with a really cool spin on the 'new world order' and the US's role in the world affairs."

"Intelligent plotting for readers who pay attention. Not your typical "trashy" thriller read absent-mindedly. Great twists that took me off-guard. King delivers a combination of Le Carre and Ludlum : main character who seems lost at the complexity of the task he's facing and intrigue on the GRAND scale."

"Very smart. Reading 'The Fifth Internationale' was like following the news reels."

"Great thriller with global conspiracy that is so close to home! The Fifth Internationale is a very good thriller with fascinating premise. If you're a suspense aficionado like I am, you'll no doubt appreciate how expertly twisted the story is - a total surprise in the end, and at various intervals. A hard-to-put-down espionage / intrigue. Fascinating to see how American politics / intelligence agencies / foreign policies are seen elsewhere in the World. Highly recommended! Bit disappointed this is the only book from this author."

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