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ECHELON - a global network of Signals interceptors serving SIGINT agencies of the UKUSA alliance. Intercepts anything from telephone conversations (private, political, diplomatic, military) to fax, email, internet searches...

ESCAPE and EVASION (E&E) is an advanced set of skills taught to select personnel prone to enemy capture, particularly aviation crews and Special Forces operators. It involves escaping from and eluding enemies until one reaches friendly units. Survival skills are vital in escape and evasion, as one is expected to live off the land while avoiding enemies.

ESPIONAGE - obtaining secrets from enemies or competitors

EVOC - Emergency Vehicle Operation Course - as taught at Quantico - how to drive offensively

EW - Electronic Warfare

EXTRAORDINARY RENDITION - fancy title used by the US government to describe second-hand torture, that is torture done on behalf of the US government by other regimes.

FALSE FLAG Operation - for instance: when a terrorist attack was in fact orchestrated by someone else posing as terrorists

FALSE FLAG recruitment - occurs when recruiting officer makes you think he's working for a friendly government (ie yours) when in fact he is working for the enemy

FBI - Political Police, aka: The American Gestapo

FIVE EYES - spying alliance of the Anglosphere countries: USA, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand (aka: FIVE LIES)

FLOATER - person used sporadically for intelligence operations

FLOATING BOX - when surveillance team follows a target by covering him from all angles

A FORCED DISAPPEARANCE occurs when an organization forces a person to vanish from public view, either by murder or by simple sequestration. The victim is first kidnapped, then illegally detained in concentration camps, often tortured, and finally executed and their corpse hidden.

FORT HUACHUCA - a American military installation in the Southeastern part of the state of Arizona. All non SIGINT Military Intelligence (MI) Advanced Individual Training (AIT) is conducted there, as well as the MI Officer Basic Course.

FPCON - Force Protection Condition

FRIEND - agent who provides information to an operative / handler

FSB - Federal Security Service, Russia

FSK - Federal Counterintelligence Service, Russia

FORTEZZA - card used by the US Government to encrypt digital communications (voice and data). Includes NSA microprocessor (meaning the NSA can read the communication).

Fortezza Plus - newer version of the above.

FRENCHELON - French answer to ECHELON.

FRONT organization.

FUBAR - Fucked up beyond all recognition.

FUNNY PAPERS - a section of an intelligence organization that specializes inforging documents

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