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JOE - deep cover agent

JTF2 - JTF 2 - Joint Task Force 2, Canada's special forces, CT unit.

KAPO - In Nazi concentration camps and death camps: a prisoner functionary serving the German administration

KATSA - A field officer in Israel's Mossad

KGB - (transliteration of "КГБ") is the Russian-language abbreviation for State Security Committee, (Russian: Комите́т Госуда́рственной Безопа́сности (help·info); Komitet Gosudarstvennoy Bezopasnosti). From March 13, 1954 to November 6, 1991 KGB was the umbrella organization name for the principal Soviet security agency, the principal intelligence agency, and the principal secret police agency. The term KGB is also used in a more general sense to refer to the Soviet State Security organization since its foundation as the Cheka in 1917.

LEGAT - Legal Attache, an FBI agent stationed at an embassy

LEGEND - life story created for a covert agent

LETTERBOX - a go-between

LLB - Live Letter Box - a forwarding address to an intelligence agency

MI5 - British Security Service (internal)

MI6 - British Secret Intelligence Service (external)

MICROEXPRESSION is a tiny facial expression that may last less than a quarter of a second. Microexpressions often occur involuntarily, and can reveal emotions people are trying to hide, or may not even be aware of themselves.)

MILITARY SLANG - examples of military slang from around the world

MLEs - Military liaison elements - Pentagon's intelligence operatives attached to embassies, often comprised of special forces, operating illegaly on foreign territory, including allied.

MOLE - an agent who penetrated an organization or a group

MOSSAD - Israel's spy agency

MSM - Mainstream Media - Establishment media - Tools of State Propaganda

MUSIC BOX - radio transmitter

NATO - a warmonging terror organisation formed to foment insecurity (see also: Gladio)

NAKED - spy that does not have a cover

NED - National Endowment for Democracy - a "CIA cutout"

NIGHTCRAWLER / TALENT spotter - person who scouts various establishments (bars, clubs) for potential recruits

NOC - Non-official cover (NOC) is a term used in espionage (particularly by the CIA) for an agent or operative who assumes a covert role in an organization without ties to the government he or she is working for. It's typically abbreviated in espionage lingo as NOC (pronounced "knock")

NO-SUCH-AGENCY - slang for NSA.

NUMBERS Stations - Numbers stations are shortwave radio stations of uncertain origin. They generally broadcast people reading streams of numbers, words, or letters (sometimes using a phonetic alphabet).

OGA - Other Government Agency - slang for the CIA, used mainly within the military; also referes to intelligence operations conducted outside of oficial DOD channels.

OIG - Office of Inspector General, CIA.

OMON - Otdel Militsii Osobovo Naznachenyia - Russian SWAT team

ONE TIME PAD - unbreakable randomly generated code, used only once and discarded, hence the name

OP - observation post

OPEN SOURCE Intelligence - Information gathered from publicaly available sources such as: Open Sources Center (select "Intelligence" section), Bloomberg, CIA World Fact Book, credit rating agencies, Dow Jones, Internet search engines such as Google, LexisNexis, newspapers of record, such as the New York Times, private investigators, public libraries...

OPO - Offensive Penetration Operation - penetration / infiltration into an enemy / targetted organization / group.

OPPENHEIM MEMORIAL PARK - mythical place where spies supposedly "retire"

ORDEN - right-wing, paramilitary terrorist organization that murdered and disappeared the opposition and civillians of El Salvador.

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