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TANGOS - slang for terrorists

TARGET - target (person, place etc) of intelligence agency's interest

TERMINATED - assassinated

TERRORISM Origins - terrorism as a tool of destabilisation, supported and funded by Western regimes; search: Canadian intelligence agents smuggling Western school-aged girls for sex slavery to Isis (Isil) "terrorists"


THREATCON - Threat Condition (replaced by FPCON)

TRADECRAFT - proficiency / experience in espionage

TRAFFIC ANALYSIS - communication patterns examined to determine information they might carry (even secure communications which cannot be decrypted)

TRUTH DRUG \ TRUTH SERUM - A truth drug (or truth serum) is a drug used for the purposes of obtaining information from an unwilling subject, ie: by a police, intelligence, or military organization on a prisoner.

Drugs used for this purpose have included ethanol, scopolamine, and the anaesthetic induction agent sodium thiopental (more commonly known as Sodium Pentothal)—all sedatives that interfere particularly with judgment and higher cognitive function. While alcohol is used for this purpose by many individuals in a more innocent sense, it is used by professionals as well. While fictional accounts of intelligence interrogation give these drugs near magical abilities, information obtained by publicly-disclosed truth drugs has been shown to be highly unreliable, with subjects apparently freely mixing fact and fantasy. Much of the claimed effect relies on the belief of the subject that they cannot tell a lie while under the influence of the drug.

UAV - unmanned aerial vehicle - controlled remotely, this can be as large as a plane or as tiny as an insect with implanted microchips and sensors

UKUSA - a SIGINT alliance consisting of the English Speaking countries (UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand). Its main purpose is to operate the Echelon

UNIT 8200 - Elite unit of the Israeli Military

UNTHINKABLE - Operation Unthinkable was a 1945 British plot to attack and annihilate Russia, using Nazi (German / Ukrainian) divisions amongs its other demented ideas

USA - United States of America - An empire in a state of rapid decline - A Banana Republic lorded over by a handful of crime families

USAID - a tool used to subvert and overthrow governments

VOA - Voice of America - US state media propaganda tool

VOICE STRESS ANALYSIS (VSA) is a controversial technology that attempts to examine and measure a physiological stress component, by extracting micro tremors from the voice of a person and measuring their amplitude. Voice stress analysis is often applied as a type of lie detector. The technique's effectiveness remains debated. Multiple studies have concluded that VSA's accuracy at determining a subject's truthfulness is not significantly better than chance. However, many police and intelligence agencies have alleged that VSA is indeed useful in determining a person's truthfulness.

WALK-IN - someone who volunteers to offer its services as an agent

WATCH LIST - people who are of interest to intelligence agencies

WET JOB / WORK - euphemism for murder, assassination

WHITE SOUND, PINK SOUND - emitted to foil electronic eavesdropping devices

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