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Acronyms appearing in Jack's books
Specific to the United States:


AFI - Air Force Intelligence

AI - Army Intelligence

FBI - Federal Bureau of Investigation

CIA - Central Intelligence Agency. Slang: Christians in Action, Other Government Agency or OGA

CIFA - Counterintelligence Field Activity (DoD). Much controversy surrounds this unit, particularly in light of its proposed merger with the Defense Security Service (DSS), which would create what amounts to Secret Police.

CSS - Central Security Service

CT - Counterterrorism Office (State Department)

DCIA - Director of Central Intelligence Agency

DS (DIPSEC) - Bureau of Diplomatic Security (State Department)

DIA - Defense Intelligence Agency

DoE - Department of Energy

DoT - Department of Treasury

G-2 - officer's rank in the military intelligence (related: J-2, S-2)

INR - Bureau of Intelligence & Research (State Department)

MI - military intelligence, officers are trained at Fort Huachucha, Arizona

NCS - National Clandestine Service - new, HUMINT agency.

NGA - National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency - these are the folks who watch you from the skies.

NI - Navy Intelligence

NIC - National Intelligence Council, reports to DCI

NIMA - National Imagery and Mapping Agency

NRO - National Reconnaissance Office

NSA - National Security Agency (UKUSA Alliance member). The officers often refer to it as "Never Say Anything". Others call it "No Such Agency".

NSC - National Security Council. Executive body overseeing national security issues, chaired by the POTUS

OSP - Office of Special Plans

SAD - Special Activities Division (CIA)

SOC - Special Operations Command (CIA)

SSB - Strategic Support Branch (DoD) Pentagon's humint espionage branch responsible directly to the Secretary. Created to free DoD from relying on the CIA. Free of Congressional oversight. Rogue. Hires mercenaries for covert ops.

USSS - United States Secret Service

WHISC or WHINSEC - Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation. Formerly: School of the Americas (SOA) - This is where the US trains terrorists / assassins who aide puppet governments of Central and South Americas.

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Polish terms (in "The Fifth Internationale"):

ABW - Agencja Bezpieczenstwa Wewnetrznego - Internal Security Agency

AW - Agencja Wywiadu - Foreign Intelligence Agency

BOR - Biuro Ochrony Rzadu - Polish Secret Service

FBS - Federalne Biuro Sledcze - Federal Bureau of Investigation, fairly new agency loosely modeled on the FBI

GROM - elite special forces / counter-terrorist unit

Kiejkuty Stare - training camp for spies

Komisja Senacka do spraw Sluzb Specjalnych - State Senate committee on intelligence and security agencies

NJW - Nadwislanskie Jednostki Wojskowe - Military unit under the Ministry of Interior (rather than Defense) with policing powers.

SB - Sluzba Bezpieczenstwa - Internal Security and Counter-Intelligence agency during communist times (renamed 'UOP' after the fall of communism and staffed with the same officers)

Solidarnosc - Solidarity - The Union Movement that toppled the Communist government of Poland

Solidarnosc Walczaca - The fighting arm of the Solidarity

UB - Urzad Bezpieczenstwa - Intelligence Service during the communist time - staffed and modeled on the KGB

UOP - Urzad Ochrony Panstwa - Intelligence Agency - successor (simply renamed) to the notorious and feared SB. In 2002 split into two agencies: AW and ABW

URM - Urzad Rady Ministrow - The Council of Ministers

WSI - Wojskowe Sluuby Informacyjne - Military Intelligence Services

WIR - Wspolnota Informacyjna Rzadu - Government Intelligence Community


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